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Ride with style

Our jerseys and bibs are produced in Spain. Not looking at you Fynn. They are actually handstitched by GOBIK, that means you are riding the same quality as Pogacar. If you don't win the Tour, it is not our fault!


    It all started with a trip to the french alps with friends and friends of friends. On a long weekend, in between lockdowns in 2020, we decided to tackle roughly 500km on the bike with more than 15k of climbing in just 3 days. As you might expect a couple of things went wrong. But as a group we were able to have one of the most exciting times we ever had. We shared gels, pushed each other uphill, prepared food even though we were tired, repaired bikes, washed the dishes. We pushed boundaries on that weekend and reached the line as one. That is still the core value, therefore GRUPPETTO. And Nairo might have gone up the Col du Madeleine faster that day, but sure he did not share pizza with friends on the peak...